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First Step - Intake

The Intake office is the central hub for all clients or community members inquiring about our services. Community members looking for information about our services can call the Intake Office to get information about all the services offered at the agency.  All new or returning clients looking to book an appointment must speak directly with the Intake Counsellor. This is a crucial step in booking an appointment as the Intake Counsellor needs to gain information about the problem in order to book an appointment with a counsellor. This first step applies to anyone over the age of 16 who is seeking counseling and to parents who are seeking help for their children. This process is similar to the one used at a family health team where the receptionist normally asks about the medical reason for the appointment in order to decide which health care professional to book the appointment with.  The intake counsellor will also answer questions about groups we offer, fees and wait times.


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Women's Drop-in Group - Every Tuesday, 1:30 - 3pm @ 417 Bagot St.

K3C is delighted to announce that the United Way has increased our funding in the Child & Youth Program to enable us to provide more service to children between 5 and 12 years of age.  Call us for more information!

K3C Community Counselling Centres is pleased to announce that it recently received funding for a Youth in Transition Worker. This new program will provide a variety of supports to youth as they leave the care of the CAS and transition to adult services. The Youth In Transition Worker program is a program which has been developed in response to advocacy by youth who have left the care of the CAS and who are facing challenges locating services and programs independently. The program has offices in both Napanee and Kingston and is open to youth ages 16 to 24.  If you have questions about the program or know someone who might be eligible, please call our Kingston office at 613-549-7850 x 3222 to talk to the Youth In Transition Worker. Alternatively, you can call our Napanee office at 613-354-1607.

K3C Centres de conseil communautaire est fier d’annoncer que nous avons récemment reçu du financement pour engager un(e) Intervenant(e) auprès des jeunes en transition. Ce nouveau programme, ouvert aux jeunes âgés de 16 à 24 ans qui quittent ou qui ont déjà quitté les soins d’une  société de l’aide à l’enfance (SAE),  fournira une gamme de supports aux jeunes afin de faciliter la transition vers les services pour adultes.  Il fut développé suite aux recommandations des jeunes qui quittaient les soins d’une SAE, et qui faisaient face à des défis pour naviguer les services et programmes de façon indépendante.  L’intervenante auprès des jeunes en transition a des bureaux à Kingston et Napanee.   Si vous avez des questions concernant le programme, ou si vous connaissez quelqu’un d’admissible, n’hésitez pas à contacter notre Intervenante auprès des jeunes en transition à  Kingston au 613-549-7850 x 3222. Vous pouvez également appeler notre bureau à Napanee au 613-354-1607.

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How to Contact Us
Contact K3C Community Counselling Centres at 613-549-7850 to schedule an appointment.

For office hours, address, and a convenient map to locate us see our Contact Us page.

Our Success Rate

94% of our clients surveyed would recommend our service.

92% were highly satisfied with their face-to-face counselling.

92% found the ability to deal with their specific situations improved.

Comments made by our clients:

"Through discussion, I have been able to determine the best solutions to my needs. I know I am always welcome back in the future as the need arises."

"My counsellor is an excellent listener and that basically is what I needed."

"This is a wonderful affordable life saver. Thank you so much for this option in the community."

"My wife and I both felt that the counsellor was very positive and helped us focus on and acknowledge our strengths."

"Our counsellor was empathetic, rational, very helpful, kept us on track, provided useful perspective and strategies and helped us resolve some very difficult issues."

"I was thankful to have sensitive and knowledgeable support. She was astutely aware of my difficulties but with gentle persistence helped me over some stubborn hurdles."

"It’s a valuable and cost-effective service."

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